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(i)View Beacon: Providing Visibility both Inside and Outside the Network

(i)View Beacon is a platform for Cloud self-service. It allows providers to be transparent with their end user experience by providing clients with self-service capabilities to initiate trouble shooting of their own issues. Today’s dilemma is that no single group can take responsibility for the user’s experience with a hosted application, there are so many entities involved – hence the finger pointing.

Cloud provider’s hosted applications are designed to be highly available, but that is irrelevant as the experience of an end user is dependent on their device, local network, and multicarrier routes to the hosted application. When problems occur, your customers automatically blame the application provider, you, and that blame can impact your revenue.

CSM’s (i)View Beacon can be thought of as a third party arbiter only interested in making sure end users can get the best quality of experience possible. Click the link below to learn how!

(i)View Beacon Overview

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